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A/B testing

Improve your conversion rate, optimize your website by testing new version of it.


Bring game on the checkout pages to increase the conversion rate.


Become the digital leader on your market by creating your own marketplace.


Relocate time consuming business process.

Price and promotion

Measure and manage your price and promotions to increase ecommerce performance.

Product sheets

Facilitating data exchange between suppliers and distributors and sell better.

Online negotiation

Make the customer feel important in the sale process.


Push the right offer at the right time to your visitors by real time behavior analysis.


Optimizing campaigns on search engines, social networks and display.

Smart targeting

Promote anything you want without annoying your customers.

User Experience

Measure the website performance, understand your client journey, optimize the UX.

Visual content

create one to one relationships with your customers.

Innovative and reliable digital solutions selected amongst the best.

Our role is to match your business challenges. Our portfolio consist of high end, innovative and reliable digital solutions, carefully selected amongst the best.

What we do

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We operate with all business sizes and provide tailored solutions to most industries (retail, FMCG, CE, media, finance, insurance, banking…).

"The dynamic Sellneeds team allows us to have quickly a global view of the best solutions, particularly from an international perspective."

Julien Lidoine Sales Director – Wiko (France)

"Looking for new and innovative solutions takes a lot of time. Sellneeds has a good understanding of our challenges and goals, and was able to provide some very interesting solutions."

Olivier Breton CMO – Style.com (UK)

"This team bring a new expertise on innovative digital solutions"

Gerald Schoenbucher CEO - Hitmeister (Germany)

"Sellneeds has always been able to provide solutions to our problems, proposing innovative solutions in line with our sector of activity."

Marc Lanvin Sales and Marketing Director - Banque Casino (France)

"Thanks to Sellneeds and their selection of digital solutions, I specifically identified a fantastic solution from the U.K. that I would've never found without them"

Thierry Lernon GM - But (France)

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